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Viva Braslav 2019

Parašytas: 08 Lie 2019, 14:12
Sveiki pilotai,

gavome pakvietimą į varžybas Baltarusijoje. Slalomas virš vandens, tupimas į taikinį, kitos precizikos rungtys.
Varžybos vyksta muzikos festivalio metu, taip kad pramogų netruks.
Apačioje aprašymas ir nuorodos.

Kol kas ruošiasi važiuoti Saulius Rudokas, Saulius Kavaliukas ir aš. Kviečiu prisijungti!

25th- 28th of July 2018 competition in Belarus.

It has never happened before!
For the first time moto-paragliding competition is held as a part of "Viva Braslav" music fest!
20 000 participants of the fest are going to watch the competition and cheer on our competitors.

Warm welcome to paramotorists pilots and others, let's gather at one of the most beautiful places in Belarus -- the national park "Braslav lakes", which is 10 km away from the Latvian border, 20 km away from the Lithuanian, on the lake Dryvyaty's shore, to take part in our competition.

The set of medals will be given in three disciplines:
1. Slalom professionals
2. Slalom amateurs
3. Landing on the accurate point and other airfield exercises.

During the spare time:
Testing paramotor equipment of different manufacturers.
There will be installed a stand where everyone can check their motors and screws for traction and speed.

Admission fee:
20 euros.

Admission fee includes entrance to the dancefloor, attendance of all the festival zones for two people, parking place and camping place. Souvenirs for every participant ( a T-shirt and a sticker) and catering service are also included.

You don't need visa if you come to Belarus by plane arriving at Minsk 2 airport. tel. +375296545654

Re: Viva Braslav 2019

Parašytas: 09 Lie 2019, 12:03
Ogo , kiek entuziastų! Nebetelpa net forume! :amazed!:

Re: Viva Braslav 2019

Parašytas: 31 Lie 2019, 19:37
Truputis dokumentikos.

Re: Viva Braslav 2019

Parašytas: 02 Rgp 2019, 09:51
Gražios vietos.
Puikus laikas
Filmukas tvarkingas. Dekuj.